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Admission Requirements
  1. An admissions representative interviews prospective students.
  2. Application for admission completed by the applicant.
  3. Transcript from previous school requested to fulfill Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation admissions requirement of completion of seventh grade education.
  4. A high school diploma or GED is needed for Title IV recipients.
  5. State registration fee of $25.00 (cash or money order) requested.
  6. 6 wallet sized pictures requested.
  7. Texas Drivers License or ID and Social Security  Card copy

Trend Barber College Inc. does have the Financial Aid Program. The school has a program with the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services. Financial Aid Program and V.A Education benefit (Both are available to those who qualify). School is currently accredited with the Council on occupational education.

Admission Procedures: Enrollment is done during the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m, Tuesday- Friday. At the time of enrollment, please submit all necessary documents and required fees. Individuals seeking financial aid must submit a complete application and provide the school with the needed supporting documentation.

All students must attend classes  for the schedule daily hours. Full-time students must accumulate a total of 120 clock hours a month and part-time students must accumulate 60 clock hours per month.

School attendance on SATURDAY IS MANDATORY. Saturdays are devoted exclusively to practical work over the chair to fulfill the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Requirements; all students must adhere to all policies and procedures.

This College is open for classes as follows:
Tuesday- Friday  : 8.45am- 4.15pm (1 hour lunch break)
Afternoon Class 12.00noon - 7pm (1 hour lunch break)
Saturday : 8.00a.m - 5.00p.m


School reserves the right to take 1hr off if students don’t clock out for lunch break.

New student Orientation and Classes:

Tuesday of the enrollment week at 10:00a.m. All who have enrolled must report at this time. Classes will officially start the day after orientation. Orientation is for a period of (1) month, Tuesday - Saturday. The hours required for the orientation period are 10am to 5pm

Should you need any information on financial aid or any other information, please feel free to contact the following people:
  1. Financial Aid - Dora Jackson, Mabel Mbachu, Obinna Mbachu,  Desirai Roberson
  2. Admission - Cheryl Garbs and Larry Norwood
  3. Campus Security - Obinna Mbachu, Mabel Mbachu, Haley Okoye, Moses Miller, Larry Norwood, and Kandie Reeves
  4. Placement Services - Obinna Mbachu, Mabel Mbachu, Dr. Friar, Mr Tates, Tonya Rodriguez, Kandie Reeves, Haley Okoye

At Trend Barber College Inc. progress is not measured in grades alone. Progress towards the Program objective is most accurately measured by faculty evaluations which are based on data gained through daily individual faculty/student interaction. The standard is the same whether the student is receiving federal financial aid or not.

The components of progress which weigh equally in student evaluation are: -
a. Attendance 34%
b. Grades 33%
c. Adherence to school rules and regulations 33%
A student's poor performance could warrant his/her being placed on probation and could cause dismissal from school. Professional judgment of the management team will decide whether or not a student is progressing satisfactory in his field.
Trend Barber College Inc. uses the following grading system.
Exam, Written and Practical           G.P.A.
A     90-100                                  4.0
B     80-89                                    3.0
C     75-79                                    2.0
D     60-74                                    1.0
F     59 and Below                           FAIL

Students are evaluated on a continuous basis. Students are tested each week and scores-evaluated with performances each time. The daily and weekly evaluations are compiled on monthly progress reports. Any student not making a satisfactory progress is warned and counseled and must make satisfactory attendance and maintain a better grade point average. During this evaluation a student is considered to be making satisfactory progress if they demonstrate the following:
A. Adherence to their proposed attendance schedule.
B. Maintain an average of 75% or better
C. Adherence to the school's rules
Any student failing to meet the above requirements will not be making satisfactory progress and will be notified by the financial Aid Officer. No Federal financial Aid will be paid during the probation period. The student's progress will be reevaluated at the end of the probation period. To be removed from probation, a student must maintain a 75% or better grade point average and must not miss more than five (5) days of unexcused absences for the probationary period. If after the probationary period, they do not get a 75% (C-Level), the student will be terminated.
In addition, students are making satisfactory progress as long as the Program objectives for graduating are completed with 1-1/2 times the stated program length.

Maximum Time                Times                                 Maximum
Barber Styling                   2250 clock hours/                18 months
Teacher                            1500 clock hours/                 12 months
Manicure                           900 clock hours/                  10 months
Minimum Time                                                                     
Barber Styling                   1000 clock hours/                 12-1/2 months
Teacher                            1000 clock hours/                  8 months
Manicure                           600 clock hours/                   5 months

Satisfactory academic progress is checked at 450,750, 900, 1200 actual hours for Barber Stylist, 450 and 900 actual hours for teacher and 300 and 500 actual hours for manicure. Genesis School Management software service helps to generate a satisfactory progress check form.

By the time the student reaches the midpoint of their program they must have met satisfactory progress on at least one evaluation period.

A leave of absence may extend the student's contract period and maximum time by the same number of days in the leave of absence. The student will return in the same status at which he/she departed. Program incompletes, repetitions, and non-credit remedial Programs have no effect on satisfactory academic progress because Trend Barber College does not offer them.

Clarification- Monthly Progress Reports are generated by Genesis school management software monthly, and used as a counseling tool to inform students of their academic and attendance progress as well as a host of other useful information.
Satisfactory academic progress check form- generated by genesis school management software at 450,750, 900, and 1200 actual hours and is used to determine satisfactory academic progress for barber program. This form is used to evaluate both students on Federal Aid and those that are not on.

A student whose training has been interrupted for failing to meet satisfactory academic progress may appeal to the chief executive officer for reenrollment into the program. Students seeking re-entry will be counseled by their Faculty Advisor before they are re-admitted. A student will not be making satisfactory academic progress until they meet the satisfactory academic progress standard or until they win an appeal. A student who wishes to file an appeal of the school decision must do so within ten (10) days of receiving the decision.  The school president will present the appeal to the Financial Aid Committee for review. The committee may call the student forward for further investigation on the case. The committee will report the findings to the school president for a final decision. The decision of the president is final.  A student's aid will be reinstated only if an appeal is won or the student returns to satisfactory academic progress.

The Financial Aid Officer will place the student on the Warning List, provide the student with a written Warning Letter, and inform the student that their SAP will be monitored for one payment period.  If the student’s SAP improves after the payment period, then the student will be back in good standing with the school.  If the student fails to meet the SAP requirement, he or she will be placed on probation for 60 days and he or she will not be able to receive Financial Aid unless he appeals to the school president in writing. The appeal should state their reasons for not meeting SAP requirements, with evidence if needed. If the president of Trend Barber College approves the student’s appeal, then the student would be able to receive financial aid if he maintains a good attendance record and completes or makes up any outstanding academic work if needed.

If the student still fails to meet SAP requirements after being allowed to receive financial aid, they must provide a written explanation, and they will be placed on the warning and monitoring list.  The student will be provided a schedule that he or she will need to adhere to for 90 days.  If the student still fails to meet the SAP requirements, his or her appeal will be denied and they will dropped from the program.

If a student transfers to Trend Barber College and is granted credit by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for previous training, the following satisfactory progress policy applies.

The transfer student is required to complete the work which represents the portion of the number of clock hours the student will complete at this school as compared to the clock hour Program length they are enrolling in. for example, a student transfers to Trend Barber college for a Barber Styling Program and received 500 clock hours of credit for previous training from The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The 500 clock hours represent 33% of the 1500 clock hour Program. Therefore, this student will be required to complete 67% of the total number of examinations and clinic experiences and complete the minimum number of physical hours in the same proportion as a student completing the entire Program.

SCHOLARSHIP/ FEE WAIVER - The school has adopted a policy where by they may award scholarships of fee waiver on the basis of merit or need, for special circumstances students seeking to be awarded either scholarship or fee waiver must prepare and submit their need in written form. Decisions in making these awards are made by the advisory committee.

TRANSFER POLICY: Trend Barber College Inc. accepts transfer students with previous clock hour credit from a Licensed Barber College/School with some reservations.

A. Hours to be transferred must not be over 500-clock hours- Barber Stylist Program, 250 clock hours Teacher, 200 clock hours Manicurist Program.
B. Students transferring must satisfy their financial obligations to their former school and give reasons why they want to transfer.
C. Student must pay a registration fee not to exceed $100.00 and additional clock hour cost identified before enrollment.
D. They are no program transfers within Trend Barber College Inc.
STUDENT HOUSING: Trend Barber College Inc. does not provide student dormitory facilities. Out of town students are responsible for their own accommodations.

NON DISCRIMINATION/HANDICAPPED POLICY: The school does not discriminate in its activities with students, employees, and clients. Discrimination based on sex, race, religion, color, age or national origin, military status, marital status, and sexual orientation is prohibited. The school also complies with rehabilitation act of 1973 which states "that no qualified person, by reason or handicap will be excluded from enrolling in the Program of instruction." The school will work with a handicapped applicant to ensure that needed or special services are available.
TRANSCRIPTS: Students may obtain transcript from the business office. Please allow 3 business days, the cost is $2.00. Financial obligations must be met before any transcript is given.
PARKING: Free parking is available. Students to park at designated parking spaces.

Upon successful completion of a Program, the student will have some job leads or register with the placement officer. The placement officer will make the best effort to place students. The placement officer will assist students in organizing personal information for their resume. The placement officer also will work preparing students with interview techniques. The student is advised that the law prohibits any school or college from guaranteeing placement as an inducement to enter said school.

A student who has a grievance concerning any of the school policies, grading system, student conduct, and dress code or termination procedures may file a written request for a review with the school president. A written reply will be made within 7 business days by the president or by his designated representative. If the matter cannot be resolved to the students' expectations the student may forward an identical copy of the grievance to the State

Licensing Agency:
Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
P.O.Box 12884
Austin, Texas 78711
(512)-458-0111 or 1-800-803-9202 Toll Free
Fax: (512)-305-6800
Council on Occupational Education
7840 Roswell Road, Building 300
Suite 325
Atlanta, GA 30350
1-800-917-2081 or (770)-396-3790

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