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1. I was so happy and lucky to have been a student at Trend Barber College Inc.; I had a great time and will never forget it. I also met such a great people who were at school at the same time as me. I am now employed in San Augustine, Texas and having a good time cutting lots and lots of hair.

Best Wishes,
Eric Walker
San Augustine, Texas

The Environment at Trend Barber College Inc. is a progressive and enthusiastic environment. Former student's success encouraged me so well that I pursued my Barber License without playing around. Trend instilled a sense of professionalism & business management in me. Trend is the Ultimate environment for prospective students that love to succeed.

Ledaryll Hutchinson

Trend first of all taught me how to cut hair professionally. I also learned how to perform a scientific rest facial & manicure. And I also acquired great business skills & professional knowledge.

Kareem Thomas

After graduating from Trend Barber College Inc. I have become a wealthy, self-employed single parent. I have made more money in the few months of being self employed that I did on career-oriented jobs. I make more money each month thanks to Trend Barber College.
Sharmeco Thomas

Trend Barber College Inc. has been very inspirational. Because I have been taught how to be a better person, how important it is to put your proper priorities in the right place and most of all Mr. O.B. has taught me a lot of my responsibilities. Thank you for everything and congratulations on your wonderful school.

Maynard Jackson

Trend Barber College Inc. helped me to enhance my Barber/Styling skills and technique. Trend Barber College Inc. taught me about Customer Satisfaction. Trend Barber College Inc. supplied me with tools I needed in order to begin a career as a successful competitive Barber/Stylist. Ex Student
Terry Zenn

From Mr. Linston Melanion I love the atmosphere and attitude when I started and up till my departure from Trend Barber College Inc., I learned how to be the businessman that I wanted to be at Trend. Whenever the instructors get a little strict on me it really did help because now I am a much better person and I am always on top of things like it is at Trend Barber College Inc.

I say to any potential student to come to Trend Barber College Inc. because I know it will not be a wrong decision. Wishing Trend continued success.

Linston Melanion

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